Winter Programme

Meetings will be held Lecture Theatre 5C in the Boyd Orr Building, University of Glasgow, unless stated otherwise, and will normally begin at 7.00 for 7.15 pm.

Where there are two lectures listed for an evening, each will last about 30 minutes. At the start of most meetings there will be a short time when members can present their recent observations: these can be short talks (about 2 minutes), or interesting specimens, or photographs.


Tuesday 19th
7.15pm Lecture: Plastics and poo: threats to Scotland’s marine life; Tara Proud, Marine Conservation Society

Tuesday 10th
7.15pm Lecture 1: Spider diversity in plantation forests; Kirsty Godsman
Lecture 2: Access, education and environment − experiences of a windfarm ranger; Rennie Mason

Wednesday 1st
5.00pm Graham Kerr Building Lecture Theatre 1
Blodwen Lloyd Binns Lecture: The global conservation of freshwater fishes; Gordon McGregor Reid

Tuesday 14th
7.15pm Lecture: Cool biology − insights into the thermal world of vertebrates; Dominic McCafferty

Thursday 23rd
7.30pm Bower (Botany) Building
Botanic Gardens Bicentenary Lecture( jointly with Friends of the Glasgow Botanic Gardens and the Glasgow Treelovers Society): Ancient oaks in the English landscape; Aljos Farjon, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Tuesday 12th
Christmas buffet dinner − see Newsletter for details and booking form;
includes Lecture: A year in the life of Seven Lochs; Scott Ferguson


January Tuesday 9th
7.15pm Lecture 1: Freshwater biodiversity in the UK: how does Glasgow compare? Alan Law
Lecture 2: The 10 o’clock newts: investigating nocturnal patterns of the great crested newt; Erik Paterson

Tuesday 13th
7.15pm Photographic Night: members’ slides or digital slide shows, plus results of this year’s PhotoScene competition − see Newsletter for details

Thursday 8th
6.00pm Graham Kerr Building Lecture Theatre 1. Glasgow University Expeditions Report Back (jointly with GUExSoc; most expeditions are supported by the BLB Bequest)

Tuesday 13th
6.30pm Annual General Meeting, followed by:
7.30pm Lecture : The Water Framework Directive: algal communities and estuarine fish; Pauline Lang and Myles O’Reilly, SEPA

Friday 16th
7.30pm Hamilton Old Parish Church Halls (see Newsletter for directions)
Lecture: Scottish Badgers; John Darbyshire (jointly with Hamilton NHS and Paisley NHS)

Tuesday 10th
7.15pm Graham Kerr Building, Lecture Theatre 1
Lecture: Behind the Naturalist’s Lens: the photographic work and contribution to Natural History of Charles Eric Palmar (supported by the BLB bequest); David Palmar and colleagues

Tuesday 8th Graham Kerr Building, Lecture Theatre 1
7.15pm Lecture 1: The aspen project; Peter Livingstone
Lecture 2: An eye for the unusual: the herbarium of Peter Macpherson; Keith Watson

Saturday 9th Graham Kerr Building, Lecture Theatre 1
Conference: The Amphibians and Reptiles of Scotland: Current Research, Future Challenges; see Newsletter for details

Tuesday 12th
Summer Social: see Newsletter for details and booking form (venue tbc).

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