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Biodiversity in Glasgow and the West of Scotland


There are many interesting places to see wildlife in and around Glasgow; 50 of the most remarkable are described in Wildlife Around Glasgow by Richard Sutcliffe, available in Glasgow Museums shops, as well as through various internet sources. In this section of the GNHS website we aim to give further detail about some of these sites (marked ‘WAG’') along with information on others which were not included.

Many of the important sites are designated as Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), Local Nature Reserves (LNR), Country Parks (CP), Sites of Interest for Nature Conservation (SINC) etc. However smaller areas of greenspace such as local parks, cemeteries and domestic gardens also help in maintaining the biodiversity of the area, and contribute to the overall ‘green network’. And we should not forget that 'wasteground' and 'derelict' areas also make an important contribution, as do hedgerows and roadside verges.

A list of sites and the species within them can be seen here. These species lists are undoubtedly incomplete, there is plenty still to be found.


In this section we have short accounts of species or species groups which are interesting in the local context; click here

If you see anything interesting, please contact biological records giving details of when and where you saw it; a photograph would be appreciated if it’s an unusual species, or you aren’t sure what it is.

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